Ilisu Dam

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Project Details

  • Name of Project
    Ilisu Dam Project
  • Place of Project
    Mardin / Dargecit
  • Employer
    State Hydraulic Works
  • Contractor Company
    Ilisu Consortium (Nurol - Cengiz - Andritz - Stucky - Temelsu)
  • Commencement and Completion Date

Project Features

Dicle & Firat Rivers, which are the heart of GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) constitute nearly 28,5% of the water potential of Turkey.

Ilisu Project is among basic elements of GAP, one of the biggest water projects of the world. Ilisu Dam shall be built on Dicle River in Southeastern Anatolia Region, at a distance of nearly 45 km to Syria border, and shall produce an average energy of 3,833 GWh with its installed capacity of 1.200 MW when completed. When commissioned, the facility shall be the 2nd biggest dam of Turkey in terms of body volume (45 million m³) and the 4th biggest dam in terms of installed capacity.

Features of the Dam:

  • It is a vital investment project within the 100-year vision of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Thanks to Ilisu Dam, Construction of Cizre Dam and HEPP is going to become feasible. Accordingly, irrigation of 66.000 hectares of agricultural land shall be possible under modern conditions in Cizre-Idil plain. 1 billion 200 million KWh electrical power shall be generated per year by Cizre Dam and HEPP.
  • It is a vital project of our country in the sense of welfare, modernity and development; it shall guarantee a peaceful environment in the region and solve the energy problem.
  • It shall contribute to development of the entire Southeastern Anatolia Region, primarily including Diyarbakir, Batman, Mardin, Siirt and Sirnak provinces.
  • The project shall provide employment opportunity for 80.000 employees along with their families in the foregoing regions.
  • When completed, the project shall provide an added value of USD 300 million per year for our economy with an annual average energy of 3,833 billion kWh to be produced.
  • The project shall also offer a commercial activity in value of USD 600 – 700 million in the foregoing zones and provide welfare for the residents during the construction stage.
  • Current roads, bridges, railways and villages remaining under Ilisu Dam Lake shall be rebuilt with a modern method.
  • Once Ilisu Dam lake has been created, touristic activities such as water sports, fishing, speleology and culture tours shall revive the region considerably.

Details Of Concrete Used In The Project

  • Total Amount of Concrete
    600.000 tons
  • Types of Cement
    CEM I 42,5 N, CEM II/A-M (P-LL) 42,5R, SDC 42,5 R
    CEM II/B-M (P-S) 42,5 R, CEM IV/B (P) 42,5 N